Meet Window 8

Microsoft has not released anything recently based on Windows 8, and we’ve learned is that the tests confirmed through the betas start later this year, do not know if in September as had been established at a time, coinciding with the Microsoft conference.

Now we can continue to officially blog about Windows 8 has raised the same company from Redmond to keep us abreast of what happens to their development and say it will be a trial in the coming months, do not know whether a beta or an issue to show some characteristics.

Window 8 will support USB 3.0

USB 3.0 is among us, the transfer is 10 times greater than USB 2.0 for example and by 2015 it is speculated that all the computers and integrate this feature, Microsoft is aware of this and announced that Windows 8 will have full support for USB 3.0, the main job is to achieve compatibility with the hundreds of different manufacturers of such ports.

Speed ​​is important today, USB is widely used as the range is quite important peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, external drives or media players and more.

Images of Window 8 Development:

Meet Window 8
Meet Window 8

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