At a low price: sell your own Google allegedly Tablet

The company offers myefox next Google Android mobile operating system, which also own uno hardware, such as the Galaxy Nexus. Google can dare in order hardware from another company to produce true, but for the software itself and is certainly responsible for a couple of hardware features a say words allowed. Already known for some weeks, was that Google may bring a smartphone on the market next calvo Tablet want. As the Wall Street Journal suora from familiar circles would have learned this is the reality of well-implemented calvo nel piano.


Cost in contrast to the sales of smart phones but not implemented by the manufacturer of mobile devices, But Google wants to own their own well-marketed tablet. The company takes it as an example to his opponent uno Example Apple iPad or even with his with his Amazon Kindle. The production of the device is to be taken by itself this ASUS. According to first to put the rumors to a tablet with a screen size of seven inches and are already in the second quarter of the current market. Compress to the sale of primarily by a low price will be boosted, as the rumors go from a retail price of less than $ 200 in order to offer a competitor to Amazon’s Kindle by.