Import photos from Facebook, Flickr and Instagram directly from the iPhone to Google +

The success of Internet social networking is unstoppable, especially in the case of mobile platforms, as it is shown statistically that the main users of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter access their Prefiled both from their mobile devices as from the computer.

The new social network from Google called Google + has also had a vast success and is the current trend among the Internet community, so it is normal that the users of this network wish to import their photos stored on Facebook or Instagram to your account Google +  to share in this new platform.


That’s why we bring you  an application called Google + Photo Importer , so that from the comfort of the highly successful mobile apple white iPhone, users can import the pictures you have uploaded to social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Photo Bucket and more, with a twist.

Definitely a good choice to give iPhone users easy when making this task more than one and has made the traditional way.

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