Google wants to sell their Tablet PC

Google, Apple myefox wants to take the lead in the tablet market in dispute: The Internet giant is planning its own Tablet PC to market and sell a new online store. It ‘s been reported that “Wall Street Journal” on Thursday, citing people briefed. Google tablets will probably be much cheaper than the Apple iPhone. Google Android smartphone platform is the most widely used, but the Apple iPad tablet and IOS was the undisputed market leader. Google wants to change now. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google wants to sell itself on its own Tablet PC. This is an online store dedicated to be built. In addition, manufacturers like Samsung, Asus and Google generation tablet computer that the search giant to offer in its own name. The acquisition of Motorola from Google is in line with this strategy, since it could also make Google even tablets.

Google Tablet PC subsidized?
After the almighty Apple iPad arrives in the United States at a certain distance with the first fire tablet Amazon Kindle. The use of Android, but also in the form of a heavily modified version and is not supported by Google. The Tablet PC from Amazon has created a stir with its low price of $ 199 – Amazon launches the device being charged. The “Wall Street Journal,” according to Google think, to subsidize their Tablet PC to compete with Amazon’s price level. Apple sold last quarter of 2011, for a total of 15.4 million iPads, and is the market leader. Amazon does not say anything about the sales of Kindle the fire.


The Tablet Android market is weakening so far, Google has a thorn in the side. For the group given as an open operating system Android for smartphones and tablet manufacturers. Google wants to make his entry below about the services offered, advertising and selling content like music and applications on the market recently, Google gives you just created. Market is the fastest growing tablets is an important area that Google does not want to leave Apple.

Google is a smartphone down
Even with smartphones, Google has tried in 2010, even if the suppliers of hardware and wanted to sell the Nexus One on the Internet. After a few months, Google turned to online sales due to the lack of success once again.

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