Google and Mozilla are working to adapt to the new interface of Windows 8

Microsoft had to rethink its flagship product to adapt to new habits of users due to the intensive use of smartphones and tablets. This is why the desktop adds Metro, designed specifically for use in tablets, but can also be treated with the mouse and keyboard. Metro is made up of blocks that provide access to online services and applications, thus shifting the classic Start menu, taskbar and desktop icons. If the user does not want this way of seeing it on your screen may go back to the traditional look. And while Microsoft dreams to take 8 tablets and Windows PC, your competitors are working hard to adapt to the Metro.

Mozilla Firefox has begun to develop for Metro last week. This was confirmed by the Foundation and of the work can be seen on the blog of Brian Bondy, an engineer at Mozilla, and space for developers. And ‘now confirmed working on a version of Google Chrome that runs on Windows in Metro 8. This makes it clear that Internet Explorer will still have the same race today. “Our goal is that users can experience the speed, simplicity and security in Chrome, regardless of platform. That includes the desktop in Windows 8 and Metro, “said a spokesman for Google in Mashable.

“To this end we are in the process of creating a version of Chrome for Metro and improve the desktop version of Chrome on Windows 8, for example, the addition of touch support,” he said. The first tablet with Windows 8 coming later this year, shortly after or at the time of presentation of the operating system officially. Windows Internet Explorer 8 comes with 10 pre-installed, so that the race to develop the best browser will remain intact with the new versions of Chrome and Firefox. Opera should make the announcement on its development in the coming weeks and is a real mystery to know what will happen to Apple and its Safari browser.