Clear history of Google, Facebook, Skype and Firefox

Clear history of Google, Facebook, Skype and Firefox is a very simple, that in all cases can be made following procedures of the rapids. Delete data to websites or web pages visited recently may be a good way to protect our privacy, and can be useful especially when other people are using our own computer and we do not want what we see when we visit our surfing sessions.

 Hence what we must do to protect our online actions from prying eyes.
Google Toolbar: If we in the toolbar search box with Google as the default, simply right click the mouse inside the white space of the search box and choose the option “delete search history.
Internet Explorer: click on “Tools”, “Internet Options” tab and “general” let’s click “delete” box corresponding to the “Browsing History”. Then choose which items to delete and re-choose “delete.”
Safari: Click on “History” and then “clear history”.Google Chrome: Google’s browser, simply click the wrench icon, choose “tools” and “clear browsing data”. In the new window put a check mark on the items you want to delete, such as “delete browsing history”. At this point you have to choose the reference period of data to delete and then click
Opera: Click on the menu at the top left and choose the “history”. We select the reference folder and then click on “delete” button at the top.
Mozilla Firefox: With regard to the Mozilla browser, just follow the general procedure relating to the cancellation of the history of the research, explained in the section below.

Below is the procedure to remove the navigation data and the history of the Firefox browser.

  • Click on “Tools” menu.
  • choose the “Clear Recent History.”
  • in the new window you must specify the time interval to be deleted, choosing between “last hour”, “last two hours”, “four hours”, “today” or all data.
  • clicking on the “details” we can put a checkmark beside the items that we want to eliminate. To remove the history you need to click on the first two entries (“browsing and download history” and “modules and research”), but it could be useful also delete cookies, cache, hits on web sites and preferences.

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