The 10 Best Extensions For Google Chrome +

Google + has attracted only the attention of users, who dived in droves to try it, but also those of the developers, who have rolled up my sleeves and began to churn out lots of extensions for the browser dedicated to new social network Google. We could not take advantage?
Below is a collection with 10 best extensions for Google Chrome to get notifications + Plus Warehouse always just a click away, faster navigation within the social network thanks to keyboard shortcuts, to facilitate the reading of the discussions, and more more. Ready to discover them all?

we talked about in more detail a few days ago, this is an excellent extension that allows you to view Google + notifications and interact with them (with the balloon pop-ups, just like bar in the Google services) directly from Chrome toolbar. Perhaps it weighs a little ‘too much on the RAM but it’s definitely useful.
2. G + Start:
As always another extension that we reviewed in our pages, you can share Google + posts on Facebook and Twitter with the appropriate links in the messages posted on social networking site of Google.
3. Photo Zoom:
Allows you to display large images on mouse over.
4. G + Extended: Adds a handy keyboard shortcuts to Google + thanks to which it is possible to “+1″ on a post, share a message and expand the discussion of comments easily.
5. Toggle Comments: very good extension that hides the comments to posts by default. After installing it, to display the comments below posts must recall them through a link instead of the comments themselves.
6. Usability boost for Google +:
As the name implies, Google makes it more usable + posts dividing into several boxes and applying other small and large improvements that facilitate navigation through the Google social.
7. + Share:
Allows you to share your post on Google + on other social networks. Similar to multi-buttons that are on social sites and blogs.
8. Notification Count:
Place unconvincing with the number of notifications updated in real time + Google toolbar in Chrome. In contrast to Surplus does not allow you to interact with the social network via pop-up window, but weighs less RAM.
9. + Ultimate Google:
A user style that optimizes the content and removes some element Google + annoying to facilitate navigation within the social network.
10. Helper for Google +: adds a link to a tweet, and to translate the sentences below each post Google +.