Google Toolbar 7.1.2011.0512b For Firefox

The latest release of Google Toolbar 7.1.2011.0512b for Firefox includes a fix for the DPI issues and also some clients requirements. As per requests search box have been changes: the bottom of your search box text will no longer hang. In this new version of Google Toolbar 7.1.2011.0512b for Firefox,  number of buttons are increases as users wants. In previous version it contains only 6 buttons now it have total 10 buttons. Users can add more buttons as they need like.

Google Toolbar 7.1.2011.0512b For Firefox
Google Toolbar 7.1.2011.0512b For Firefox
    • Search box

      • Search box
      • Suggestions on navigation errors
      • Change language settings
      • Clear your Toolbar search history
      • Toolbar Notifier alerts
    • Web-browsing tools

      • AutoFill
      • Bookmarks
      • Custom buttons
      • Pop-up blocker (IE only)
      • Save Toolbar settings to your Google Account
      • Translate
      • Google new tab page
      • Translation bar
      • Have a suggestion? Suggest a feature
      • Pin buttons to the Toolbar
      • Toolbar Instant


Download Google Toolbar 7.1.2011.0512b For Firefox

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