About Google: Google Discover professional services

All about Google. Information to know the best search engine in the world and its most widely used professional services.

It ‘surely the most used search engine in the world. GOOGLE!
Now Google is no longer limited only to research online, but now also offers a series of multiple professional services and free.

Google Professional Services


Google Toolbar


Google Earth

Download the free software and start a wonderful discovery of the earth with high-resolution satellite images to see even small details. Studying geography in 3D, or discover the landscapes of future holidays is no longer a dream but reality.

Google Video

Search for online videos. Videos Free, Paid and videos made by Internet users.

Google Page Creator

A tool to create web pages online with free hosting space.

Google Analytic

The statistics and analysis software for websites. You’ll learn everything from your site visitors.


Use Gmail with 1GB of address space. Manage and read your mail online is a pleasure. Increased security against viruses and spam filter is very powerful.

Google Desktop

Download the free software directly to your desktop and you can quickly search for any document in real time on your PC. Noteworthy is also the Google Bar that allows you to install many different types of gadgets.

Google News

Read all news from the world with ability to customize and gender also include news from blogs.

Google Maps

Ability to search online or a specific address, a business, get directions and be able to see the geographical area, with satellite images.

Google Trends

Enter a word or phrase and you’ll get a result statistics on the trend of research done on the engine during various periods and in different languages.

Google Calendar

The online calendar to manage appointments, events and things to remember.

Google Base

The next evolution in order to sell products and services online. The alternative to Ebay.

Google Spreadsheets

The spreadsheet such as Excel, but online and free.

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