Android, The Best Antivirus-Latest Features

Today, a Smartphone is very comparable to a PC in terms of both power and space to store the data. This means that, sooner or later, exposure to viruses and malware is present and protect our data will become important.
May therefore be helpful to guard against this danger in light of the rumors, more or less verified malware on the Market. At this point some of you will turn up their noses on the usefulness of a virus in the absence of virus-like operating systems Linux OS on Android. When in doubt, however, many users choose to install it and then do an overview on the best free virus in circulation.

Let’s start with Norton Mobile Security, downloaded from the Android Market: This app allows you to monitor your Smartphone from viruses and malware as well as lock and track a stolen device. Once installed will be prompted for a password security and a number of trusted contacts via SMS that can lock, unlock the device and track distance. The application has the great advantage of being lighter than the others in circulation occupying approximately 2 Mb of memory.
With the Lite version, for free, you will be able to lock your phone remotely and scan for viruses and malware. With an annual subscription, priced at just under 40 Euros, but you will have more features, such as location and web security.

We continue with AVG Antivirus, one of the most popular in the PC industry. Although this app is quite light and is available in both free (with advertising) is in the Pro version at a cost of 7 Euros. Here are the key features:

Scan and automatically remove malware
Remote turn on the GPS and location of the mobile
Data Backup
Remote lock the phone in case of theft.

If we want a little more from our anti-virus, such as control of each application downloaded from the Market or Web Security Lookout then NetQin Mobile Security and Security are the optimal solution. These are also available in both free and Pro version, and waiting for a more concrete assessment of Norton Mobile Security, appear to be the safest choice.

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